The 4 P's of Winter Driving

Last week a 50 Vehicle Pile-Up In Snowstorm in Iowa (Dec 10, 2019)

“Bad weather caused a major pile-up on the highway today….” The reality, however, is that the weather didn't cause the incident–people did. When bad weather hits, we need to adjust our driving for the conditions. Usually, what causes these mishaps are drivers who did not anticipate and adjust properly. 

What should you do? Consider these “4 P’s”

Pace – Slow down when conditions affect visibility or vehicle traction.

Position – Space is an essential element in safe driving. It becomes even more critical when bad weather hits. Increase your following distance to have an “out” when another driver makes a mistake.

Plan ahead – Slowing down to a speed more suitable for the conditions means your journey will take a little longer. Leave a little earlier, or let others know your arrival will be a little later than usual.

Patience – Poor weather often leads to traffic jams and delays. Don’t let frustration take over and change how you drive.

Winter road conditions can be deadly - what causes these mishaps are drivers who did not anticipate and adjust their driving properly.

All our TDX Pros are consummate professionals and we know your commitment to an on-time arrival at the site, but please....keep your cool! We'd rather have you a tad-late and arrive safe than never arrive at all. (Just remember to call in to the service desk to let them know - they will let the client know you are still on your way)

Your friends at Techadox remind all of our TDX Pros to remember the “4 P’s” to stay safe on the road this holiday season and into the new year!

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